Below is a catalogue of sermons and video clips primarily on the topics of the gospel, mission, justice, foster care, adoption and the Church's role in stepping towards the most marginalized around us. Much of Jason's work consists of traveling and speaking at churches, conferences, leadership workshops and other events around the country on these issues. Thanks for watching! 

James 1:27 is not just a verse about caring for orphans and widows - it is so much more! It's not a verse commanding us to do anything, but instead describing something pure and undefiled for us.
The best two minutes I can come up with on how the gospel "flips the script" on the cultural narrative around us - from avoid, isolate, insulate to "I see you where you are and I'm coming after you."
We're not all called to do the same thing, but we are all capable of doing something. We all celebrate the same gospel but we don't demonstrate the gospel in the same ways.
We live today with a future hope - glory is coming. Fear loses and in the end, Jesus wins. Hard and broken things will not be final things.
If we're not all called to do the same thing but we are all capable of doing something, the question then becomes, "What's Your Something?"
Certainly not for all, but definitely for some, perhaps the most spiritual thing you can do is stop praying about whether or not you should foster or adopt - and just do it.


Pathway Community Church | Fort Wayne, IN | December 2, 2018



Westside Family Church | Kansas City, KS | February 11, 2018


"The Gospel of Our Adoption"

Pantano Christian Church | Tucson, AZ | June 5, 2016