I believe the Church has the unique capacity and calling to care for vulnerable children and families - and support those who do - in powerful ways. That's why we spend so much time developing resources to encourage families and equip churches.  

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If you are a pastor, ministry leader or advocate we've made some FREE digital resources available to help you launch and lead effective ministries in your church. As well, if you are leader or a family that is looking for discipleship and support resources, we've put together a couple books you might want to check out! 

Please feel free to CONTACT me if you have any questions about the resources, church ministry or next steps. 

Building a Discipleship Pipeline

We're not just recruiting people to meet a need; we're discipling people to obey a command. A primer on five unique principles of discipleship movement you can incorporate in your ministry. [Ebook]


three principles to consider

The goal of your ministry is not speed, it's sustainability. A primer on three essential principles for starting a sustainable ministry. [Ebook]

What's your why? gospel-centered messaging

We care for the vulnerable and orphaned because we have been greatly cared for by Jesus. A primer on articulating a gospel-centered message for your church’s ministry.  [EBook]

ALL IN Orphan care curriculum

A gospel-centered groups based study for churches. Consists of six sessions for those considering fostering, adopting or family support. [Book]

EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING: Creating space for everyone

We're not all called to do the same thing, but we are all capable of doing something. A primer on cultivating an "everyone can do something" culture at your church.  [EBook]


A gospel-centered groups based support resource for foster parents. to refresh foster parents in the gospel with others through community. [Book]