Jason has the unique opportunity to participate in various podcasts hosted around the country, speaking to issues of foster care, adoption, church ministry and organizational leadership. Below are a few of the most recent episodes. 



"Everyone Can Do Something"

In this episode you will hear from Jason Johnson, Author of Everyone Can Do SomethingReframing Foster Care, and All In Orphan Care, and Director of Church Ministry Initiatives for CAFO, talking with Phil about his work training and equipping churches in how to strategically engage your church around the orphaned and vulnerable.


"Foster Care & What I Feared Most for My Own Kids"

Jason sits down with Mike Berry from Confessions of An Adoptive Parent. The topic at hand - bio kids and foster care. Will it disrupt their lives? What about birth order? Will it take away from time we owe our kids? Is this going to make our kids feel pushed to the side? If you have had these, or other concerns, for your biological kids when it comes to stepping into foster care,  you are not alone!


"ReFraming Foster Care: Finding Hope in the Struggle"

Jason shares highlights from his new book, Reframing Foster Care: Filtering Your Foster Parenting Journey Through the Lens of the Gospel, to encourage us, whether we are in the trenches of foster parenting, considering becoming foster parents or trying to better support foster families. This is an episode full of hope and will remind you that you are not alone!


"Faith to Foster"

Be encouraged as Jason reminds us that the work of Jesus on our behalf is what will motivate us in the beginning, sustain us in the middle and give glory to God in the end, as we seek to serve the most vulnerable — those he holds so very dear.


"Find One Reason to Say Yes"

Listen as Jason talks about resources he and others have created for the purpose of helping churches and families in their foster care and adoption journeys. He gives two powerful bits of encouragement for current foster and adoptive parents...and for those who are considering and/or are waiting for the day you are "ready", Jason has a word for you too.