Below is a catalogue of recent sermons primarily on the topic of orphan care and adoption. Much of Jason's work consists of traveling and speaking at churches and events around the country on these issues. Thanks for listening! 

"The Gospel of Our Adoption"

The Gospel is the story of our spiritual adoption into the family of God by the work of Jesus on our behalf. We were positionally orphaned in our sin and functionally living fatherless separated from God, but Jesus interceded on our behalf accomplishing what we could not to bring us into the family of God and make us sons and daughters of the Father. This is the story of our adoption and the heart behind God's mandate for us to care for orphans. In light of our spiritual adoption, we are called to physically demonstrate that through the care of the fatherless in this world. 


"Establishing an Orphan Care Culture in Your Church"

The goal for your church is not simply to start a ministry that a few people are involved with but rather to establish a foundational culture that everyone has a role to play in. From recruiting with a Gospel-driven vision not a needs-based motivation to helping people identify, understand and live out their unique giftings and calling with the Body we discover, in the end, that not everyone is called to do the same thing but everyone, on some level, is responsible to do something.


"Orphan Care & The Gospel: A Multi-Generational Story of Hope"

The Gospel is a multi-generational story of hope - it redeems our past sins, changes our present realities and sets us on a new trajectory for all of eternity. Like the Gospel, the mandate to care for orphans is the call to break past cycles, form new realities and establish new trajectories of hope and love in the life of a child. This is nothing less than what Jesus has done for us, and nothing more than what we are called to do in the lives of the marginalized, oppressed and orphaned. 


"The Cost of Orphan Care" 

Orphan care, like the Gospel, is not a romantic fairy tale – it is the messy but beautiful demonstration of the love of Jesus in action. This message takes a look at the hard realities of where orphan care begins, where it inevitably will take you, what it certainly will require of you and how it most definitely will break you. We outline four unique realities of orphan care we must be willing to embrace and explore how they specifically mirror different aspects of the Gospel.