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It is an honor to teach and speak at all different kinds of events around the country including church services, conferences, retreats, forums, organizational trainings, seminars, benefit dinners and various other gatherings. I take the trust given to me by event organizers very seriously and work hard to steward it well for the good of the people we are serving. As you prayerfully consider who you might have speak at your event, I hope the feedback below can assist you in making your decision. - Jason

“We invited Jason to speak at our annual fundraiser, the Friends of Children Banquet. He engaged the audience of 400 with relevant and touching stories, and presented a compelling biblical case for stepping in to help the vulnerable. We netted more at this fundraiser than we have at any in the past! Jason is so easy to work with and the work he does for families and children serves as a great example to us all!” 

Sarah Steffes, Vice President | Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care | Oklahoma City, OK

“We invited Jason to speak for our church's annual Orphan Weekend, and we couldn't have been happier. Leading multiple events throughout the weekend, Jason equipped and empowered our county's coalition of adoption and orphan care ministries, encouraged and celebrated our adoptive and foster care family community, and challenged our entire congregation to get engaged and use their unique gifts to care for the most vulnerable people as Jesus did. At every step, he broke down what can feel overwhelming into practical, actionable steps where everyone can do something.”

Mark Niles | Pathway Community Church | Fort Wayne, IN

“We were so grateful to have Jason come and challenge our community to invest in our ministry for foster and adoptive families. His call to action was gospel-focused and both encouraging and convicting. The response from our attendees was overwhelming; they appreciated his candor, enjoyed his humor, and connected with his message.”

Micah Melnick, Executive Director | BigHouse Foundation | Auburn, AL

“Jason’s heart for foster care and adoption is incredible. Jason is articulate, inspiring, and does a wonderful job of framing this conversation as a gospel opportunity. His passion to see every Christ follower doing something is compelling and contagious. Buy his books, and invite him to speak at your  church or venue. You will not regret it.”

Larry Kaufman | Grace Church | Millersburg, OH

"I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have Jason pour into our people. Every space he stepped into left people filled, refreshed and challenged. It is the most feedback I have ever received from a communicator on our stage (not yet sure how to feel about that!) :) A few that stood out to me: “So many times, I felt as though if Jesus were here He would be saying the same things!” and “I fell in love with the gospel all over again!” I was grateful as a Pastor, stirred as a Follower and challenged as a Communicator."

Kondo Simfukwe | Mission Point Community Church | Warsaw, IN

"Jason Johnson did an incredible job of directing attention back to the underlying “why” of foster care ministry found in the Bible and God’s heart for the vulnerable and marginalized. His presentation was balanced with casting big vision, but also providing very concrete, actionable steps to starting or furthering foster care ministry in your church and coached us to realize everyone can do something." Read more HERE

Mandy Neill | Seattle's Union Gospel Mission - Foster Support Faith Alliance | Seattle, WA

"As foster care advocates we have a tendency to overwhelm church communities. Jason’s gospel message shrinks the challenge and builds the narrative that “everyone can do something”. Jason was our keynote at our very first church collaborative event. The results from his presentation were everything we’d hoped for. Jason’s personal illustrations are real, moving, funny, honest and rich. Immediate feedback was filled with comments about attendees finding their place in the foster care community. The date for our 2nd annual event will be planned around Jason’s calendar!”

Dale Maples | The Forgotten Initiative | Eureka, CA

"Jason is a really helpful resource to the Church. He has a compelling story to share and both challenges and encourages with wisdom and vision. Jason’s theologically-rooted, gospel-centered curriculum has also helped countless individuals and families in our church think deeper and more seriously consider hosting or working with foster kids. Our church benefitted greatly from having him guest preach and also speak at an Orphan Care event we hosted where over 100 people committed to care for foster kids in a variety of ways."

Dave Kleinknecht | Director of Hope For LA and Missions Leader at Pacific Crossroads Church | Los Angeles, CA

"Jason helped us articulate the roadblocks we were facing. Our staff has a new energy and focus after our time together. Our time with him helped set a foundation for our office to begin moving forward and start forming strong partnerships in our community."

Rebecca Ivey | Intake Coordinator, The Bair Foundation | Asheville, NC

“Jason is a tremendous support to us at The Forgotten Initiative.  He has provided invaluable council and strategy, inspired action and encouragement as a speaker to our team and has developed resources helping us equip the churches we partner with.  Jason has become a friend and partner in ministry as we all seek to do the work Christ has called us to do!”

Jami Kaeb | Executive Director, The Forgotten Initiative | Chicago, IL

"The church is the platform God uses to express His Gospel message to the least and the lost. Through Jason's presentation to our staff, we were reminded that our organization must embrace this truth in practical ways. We look forward to a deeper connection with churches. Thank you Jason for your insight and inspiration."

Jeff Jones | Area Vice President of Spiritual Development, Buckner International | Dallas, TX

"Jason inspired our team to dig deeper in our call in foster care and helped us have a deeper understanding of God’s heart and mandate for orphan care. Our statewide team felt encouraged and passionate about our ministry after listening to him teach."   

Nichole Tamburstuen | State Director, Arizona Baptist Children's Services | Phoenix, AZ

"Jason has a heart for the church and a heart for strengthening families. Speaking from the perspective of a pastor and foster/adoptive parent his words are biblical, encouraging, and igniting."

Mark Upton, President/CEO | Christian Family Care | Phoenix, AZ

“Jason not only inspired us, but he helped prepare us for a sustainable ministry for the cause of the orphan in which every member of our church could participate. He gave us both the “Why” and the “How” of orphan ministry, anchoring the ministry to the orphan in the gospel mandate and giving a practical strategy for activating every believer to action according to their giftedness. I highly recommend him to any church that wants to take their orphan care ministry from a silo ministry involving a few, to a saturated ministry engaging everyone."

Gary Combs, Senior Pastor | Wilson Community Church | Wilson, NC

"Jason's teaching drew the line between the work of Christ in our lives and Christ working through us in the lives of orphans more clearly than I have ever seen before. As a Pastor, it was extremely helpful to have a co-laborer come along side me to help lead our church into a deeper understanding of the Gospel and the reality of our calling to serve the orphan. Jason is a gift to the church and I commend him to anyone who desires to understand the application of the Gospel in the context of orphan care more fully."

Ryan Ross, Lead Pastor | The Parks Church, Melissa | Dallas, TX

"Jason preaches a message that is entirely gospel centered and it communicates orphan care clearly. He cast an achievable vision for our entire church with concepts and ideas that will stick with us for years to come."

Windy Hancock, Orphan Care Ministry Leader | Bethel Church | Richland, WA

"Jason has been instrumental in helping us approach the topic of orphan-care and adoption as a community. His lead to care for the fatherless in a holistic and Gospel-Centered way has been foundational here. He powerfully teaches the importance of first understanding our own stories of adoption into God's family and then echoing God's heart for the fatherless and orphaned. We are very grateful for his heart and leadership!"

Leah Miller, Grow Group Coordinator | Faithbridge Church | Houston, TX

"The CALL had the great pleasure of having Jason serve as the keynote for our annual Summit in October of 2014. His words inspired and encouraged our volunteers to serve and engage churches to care for children in foster care. Here are just a few of the things our volunteers had to say about Jason: 'Awesome! Best I’ve ever heard!', 'Very passionate!', 'I have never heard a more well-spoken advocate.', 'Very well informed and shared from the heart!'" 

Michelle Douglas, Program Director | The CALL in Arkansas | Little Rock, AR