I've been quiet on the blog over the past couple of months…but I've got a good reason why. It's not that I haven't been writing, it's just that my mind and heart (and time) have been consumed with a project that I am incredibly excited to introduce you to! A large part of my role as the Director of Church Engagement with Arrow Foundation involves writing and creating resources that help equip, mobilize and sustain the Church in foster care, adoption and orphan care related issues. Many of you are aware of our first resource, the ALL IN Orphan Care Small Group Curriculum, and now we couldn't be more thrilled to introduce you to our second full-length published piece that is COMING SOON! Ready? Here it is...


This book is written for foster parents.

Whether single or married, whether fostering with the hopes of adopting or fostering as an end in itself, foster parents face a unique set of particular circumstances and experience a range of emotions that few outside of foster care can relate to.

They need an understanding community to find support from. They need a safe environment where they can process raw and difficult emotions. They also need the gospel – the assurance that Jesus can bring great beauty out of tragic brokenness – to sustain them. 

The Beauty and Brokenness of Foster Care is a group-based, gospel-centered foster parent support resource designed to connect you in community with others so that you may be supported, encouraged and reminded that your work is worth it…and you are never alone. 



  • Foster Care and Being Single | Your singleness can be an invaluable gift to a child that needs attention and connection - but you must be connected in community.
  • Foster Care and Our Biological Kids | Foster care is the call to simultaneously care for two sets of kids - both those coming into or homes and those already there.
  • Humanizing Birth Parents | We must humanize birth parents, not demonize them. They're real people with real struggles in need of a real Savior.
  • Foster Care and a Watching World | Foster care incarnates the Gospel with vividness and clarity. Like a shadow it brings Jesus with you wherever you go.
  • How Foster Care Changes You | Foster care is not just the opportunity to change a child’s life but also the process by which a child changes ours.
  • A Family-Giving Mechanism | Foster care is less about getting a child for your family and more about giving your family for a child. 
  • Loving a Child That Might Leave | We can't let the fear of loving a child who might leave deter us; we must let the fear of a child never knowing love drive us. 
  • Serving a Broken System Well | Foster care is a gospel issue before it is a government issue - the Church's responsibility, not the state's. 
  • The Spiritual Battle of Foster Care | Foster care is spiritual warfare. It is a battle between good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong.
  • Foster Care and Marriage | The best thing you can do for your marriage in foster care is not make your marriage all about foster care.


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Each chapter also includes group discussion questions, personal application opportunities and powerful testimonies from other seasoned foster parents.


The structure of this resource is fluid – designed for anyone to join the group at any point. The chapters are not intended to be read sequentially, although they can be. Rather, groups can begin with any chapter and choose to move on to another chapter at any point given the particular needs and dynamic of those in the group. 


The goal of each session is to promote discussion. This resource is not written to be an in-depth study; it’s designed to promote in-depth conversation. Each session offers a unique perspective on the topic being addressed that may be a different perspective than yours or challenges you to think about that particular topic differently than you have before. The goal is not necessarily for you to agree with everything presented in this resource. Rather, the goal is that everything presented in this resource acts as a catalyst for healthy and encouraging discussion within the group.



The Beauty and Brokenness of Foster Care will be available soon. In the meantime you can download a FREE SAMPLE CHAPTER using the link above and visit www.allinorphancare.com for more info.


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